Ye Olde Map
Aerial view of our 153-acre Maine manufacturing and logistics facility in Searsport which includes private rail siding, bulk transloading, repackaging, warehouse storage, truck fleet services, toll processing & custom manufacturing.

Toll Processing and Contract Manufacturing

We have the equipment, experience, and plant utilities to handle your toll manufacturing needs.

Logistics Solutions Services

We are a full service chemical supply chain logistics company with:

  • Rail service by Montreal, Maine & Atlantic Railway
  • Over 10,000 feet of private rail siding
  • Private trucking fleet with hazmat certified drivers
  • 24/7 Manufacturing service capabilities
  • Bulk shipments in tank trucks or rail cars
  • Over 100 railcar spots
  • Over 1.5MM gallons storage
  • Ocean port access
  • Re-packaging and labeling
  • Technical sales staff

GAC Chemical is serviced daily by the Central Maine & Quebec Railway (CMQ) which operates between Searsport, Maine and Montreal, Quebec. CMQ connects with nine Class 1 regional and local railroads and provides the shortest, most direct rail link between Maine and Montreal. In addition, CMQ offers excellent access to port facilities on the Atlantic at Searsport. See CMQ rail map below for details: